Youtube to MP3


Youtube to MP3

Hey there.

What’s up to people, hope you all are happy and safe at your places.

Clearly many of you are working from home.

Most of you might work for an hour or two, only if you are not on any meeting or projects.

In addition to this some of the other times once in your life you must have heard someone saying “All work and no play is as bad as all play and no work.”.

Above all work is important no doubt but equally important is a bit of relaxation and entertainment.

However, no one wants to go out.

youtube to mp3

You might have got bored playing those old school ludo or carrom etc. so you might search for something more, for example:- YOUTUBE.

However, at times it might have happened that you visited a video and loved the audio used or can be a motivational speech or karaoke of a song all in all it could be any sound.

You might have wondered to get away to download just the sound, don’t you?

HI! here I am gonna tell you a few very easy ways to download a video in MP3 format (only audio.)



youtube to mp3

Is a software that allows you to easily download the video of youtube in any format you desire (can be mp3 or mp4)


  • Copy the URL of the video from youtube,
  • Paste it on the URL tab of the CLIPGRAB software
  • Select the type
  • Click on download and BOOM.

Your download just started.

NOTE:- You can download CLIPGRAB easily from the chrome browser as it is  !!FREE!!


FILMORA Video Editor

It is a quick way to convert any video from mp4 to mp3.

Steps to do:-

  1. Install the setup from the official page of Filmora. (!!It’s completely free again!!)
  2. import the video from the storage.
  3.  drag and add the video to the timeline and click on export.
  4. from the opened window just select the extension mp3.
  5. click the Export button and its done.
  6. find your audio from the file manager and enjoy grooving those melodies.



To hell with these ways!! I am not at my place and not having my PC. If you are out somewhere someday (after the lockdown gets over) you may the ways listed below for the same.

these are the ways quickly accessible for mobile phone users.

Online Converters

  1. Open the browser (Chrome recommended).
  2. Type in the search bar-> ‘youtube to mp3 converter’ and search.
  3. Click on any of the listed links on the page as all do the same thing.
  4. the site opens the switch to youtube and copies the link of the video.
  5. paste the link you copied in the URL bars on the website.
  6. select the specified format (here mp3). and click on convert.
  7. Clicking on convert you might get ads on the page simply close the ads and click on the download button your task will be started.
  8. Completed with the download visit you music player and type in the name you just downloaded.

play it and enjoy it.

here are a few sites to convert:-


  • onlinevideoconverter




Well, now you have the knowledge folks you are ready to go.

You are a free bird to fly in the sky of youtube.

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