What is meditation ?


The term Meditation originated from the word “meditari”, which, in Latin means to “ think – contemplate – devise – ponder”.


It is a technique where a person focuses his mind on a particular thought or object, which gives the mind a better clarity of thoughts and emotional stability.

Meditation, since ages, was an eternal part of Indian heritage, culture, and lifestyle. The practices are followed by greats saint of all religions since antiquity.

seven chakra’s

Ancient Indian practitioners believed, Human Body has seven chakra’s, also known as Tantra, through which the subtle energy flows into the body.

The concept is explained in the Vedas and many other sacred religious texts.

These chakra’s are focal points in the body, that are believed to get activated during meditation.

Today, meditation is widely practiced around the globe as spiritual, health-oriented and business-oriented activities.

Keeping in mind, the miracles of meditation and curing abilities. Many hospitals and schools actively conduct sessions of meditation.

An actively used medication methodology, to cure mental illnesses like sleep disorder, anxiety and depression.

People using these methods can witness improvement in their routine, work efficiency, ability to remember, anger and also emotional health.

The process trains your mind to stay calm and focused have awareness and attention towards what’s around you and what’s within you.

It treats your daily stress and relieves your workload anxieties and body aches.

It also enables you to increase your analyzing and functioning abilities, which makes you feel happy, confident, appreciative of life.

It acts as an indicator for your thoughts, it eradicates negative vibes and feelings, boosts the positive side in you.

This peace and positive vibes help you come up with new ideas and better execution strategies in life.

Meditation, thus, connect your body and mind to your soul. Activates your senses, and helps you confront with the best of you.

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