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street photography

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So today’s blog is all about ‘Street Photography’. But before turning on this blog  I want to cheer all the Photographers around us for making our moments more precious and beautiful.

“Photographers make our moments, memories”.

So are you excited to know about ‘Street Photography’?

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Street Photography

It is that kind of photography in which you take photos when the subject is unaware of this and you click the photo of them. It is a very interesting type of photography because you don’t have any idea about who is going to be the subject for your next photo.

Street photographers take pictures of people doing everyday things. There can be extraordinary beauty in the ordinary.


What is the focus of street photography?

See in this kind of photography you have to focus on people and their behavior in public. Also, you have to observe things that are going around you so that you can easily capture them.

The essence of street photography is about documenting everyday life and society on the street.

street photography

Avoid some mistakes during a street photography

  • Always using the Manual Mode is a prominent mistake. …

  • Using the on-Camera Flash. …

  • Never using a Flash at all. …

  • Choosing The wrong Focus Mode. …

  • Setting the wrong ISO. …

  • Too shallow depth of field. …

  • Too heavy Gear. …

  • Wearing uncomfortable clothes

street potography

Tips for some good street photography

.Raise your ISO

.Try some street portraits

. Let the action come to you

. Act the part

. Try a prime 35MM or 50MM

.  Go beyond the pretty

. Create descriptive photos of your area

Keep calm and wait for that moment which will make your picture more attractive and interesting.

Your comfort zone-

. Make Yourself comfortable for the

. Make yourself comfortable for the subject/shot

.  Try to behave and look the same according to the people and things around you

The most important thing about the street is to have fun and enjoy getting out with your camera.

In other words, you have to enjoy the accompany of your camera and the place.

Remember your goal is to capture emotion, humanity, and depict a person’s character,  it takes to get your shot but with some practice and patience, it is rewarding.

‘Therefore, Practice makes a man perfect’.

Hope you all get some tips and information about ‘Street Photography’, Now go and try to capture some lovely things around you.

“Make yourself creative and make things beautiful with your creativity”.














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