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solar energy

Hello everyone! Today we will study and have a look at a huge source of energy. Yes! You guessed it right. I am talking about SOLAR ENERGY


What do you know about energy?

solar energy

Energy is the ability to do work.


Don’t worry.

Let us make it simple, to clarify take a view of my perspective about energy.

Let us define E=mc²,

Firstly we will associate m with machine

Secondly, we will associate first c with Conscience’s

Likewise, we will associate other c with composition

In conclusion mc²=  machine conscience’s composition

solar energy

Sun as a source of energy!!

This is one of the best sources of renewable energy.

Moreover, it has an unlimited supply, in abundance, easily available.

And above all its nonpolluting nature.


what is solar energy?

Solar energy (or SUN ENERGY) is radiant light and heat from the Sun that is converted into a useful form.

Components of Solar energy

Sunlight in space
1366 watts/m² 10% 40% 50%
Sunlight at ground level
1120-1000 watt/m² 3% 44% REST IS I.R

In other words, the table is here to clarify the difference between  U.V, I.R and
Visible light in space and on the other hand at the ground level.

Amazing Fact about Solar Energy

According to the U.S Department of Energy,

The energy earth receives in an hour is more than the total energy the entire world consumes in a year.

solar energy

Can you imagine?


I was completely shocked!

But, the problem is that it is not concentrated.?

However, it has great potential that we can use to obtain the desired results.

Therefore, we must know the best possible way to harness solar energy with the help of technologies.


Technologies to utilize solar energy!!


solar energy

The solar heater is used to heat water by converting light energy into thermal energy. Besides, it is an economical device.

Meanwhile, hotel Industries, several multi-storey buildings, uses this method to heat water.



solar energy

The photovoltaic effect is the generation of voltage and electric current in a material upon exposure to light. That is to say, electric energy is produced in this method by using Sun’s energy.

Thanks to Solar panels, (generally made of silicon, a semiconductor) which is the gadget responsible for this conversion.

Solar panels are an integral part of several factories, society, hotel industries, public parks, Houses, apartments, offices, and street lights.


solar energy

It is a clear architectural approach to harness the maximum solar energy.

Therefore, the building is designed and made in such a manner that it will capable to install the maximum number of solar panels.

For instance, there are many new buildings, industries, houses, etc are capable to install numerous panels on it, and the rays hit them directly.


Some interesting projects around the world

  1. Benban Solar Park, Egypt –  Will become the largest solar installation of the world soon as a result it is producing about 1.8GW of energy.
  2. Cochin Installation Airport, India – First airport in the world to run completely on solar power.
  3. Sungrow Solar Farm Huaiwan, China– World’s largest floating Solar array produces 40MW of energy.
  4. Solar Panel Bike Path, Krommenie, Netherlands -First Solar-powered bike path in 2014.
  5. Solar ‘Tindo’ Bus, Adelaide, Australia -This bus can travel 125 miles before needing to recharge.
  6. Canal Power Project, Gujrat, India– Strategically placed solar panels over the canal, providing electricity and besides, preventing millions of gallons from evaporating.

solar energy


Many scientists are still researching on the same project to increase the efficiency of the conversion of solar energy into the desired form.

However,still many loops are there to overcome.

Therefore, we need further innovations in this field. In-short field of SOLAR ENERGY is full of opportunities. So, think to give it a chance!

The world needs your innovation.



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