How to download YouTube videos?

5 Best Way to Download Youtube Videos

Wondering about how to download better quality YouTube on your desktop or phone? Here are some few tips to download videos from YouTube.

  1. By adding ‘ss’

Copy the video URL of the and paste it the URL bar.

Then add ‘ss’ in between the link and hit enter.

Later on, click on the download option by selecting the required quality of the video.


  1. Clip Converter

An easy method to download YouTube videos that even work as a video converter is Clip Converter. It can download and convert videos using just a single link. Copy the YouTube video URL, paste in the box, and choose from the available options to adjust format, quality, and location. Furthermore, the Clip converter has the capability to convert only a part of the video to any format you require.


Another simplest way to download videos is to Just copy the video URL and paste it in the text box of the tool. Click on download to proceed. The software searches for all possible formats it supports. Keepvid also supports the lite version of YouTube that is YouTube Go.


  1. YouTube Downloader

Browse through the YouTube video, copy the video URL, and paste it in the text field. Click on download to continue with the video downloading. The video format and quality in which it is to be downloaded can be selected according to your requirement.

YouTube downloader online gives you the flexibility to choose a particular destination location in which the video needs to be saved.


  1. 4K Video Downloader

This is the most frequently used tool to download YouTube videos is 4K Video Downloader. The probable reason is it is updated frequently with new features and offers clear download links thus making it hassle-free. The tool exists both in free and paid versions. Depending on the necessity, you can choose the best version you require.

To download the video, first, install the 4K Video Downloader.
Copy the URL of the YouTube video to download and click on paste links to grab videos with subtitles. Later, you will be given different format options and video quality options. Furthermore, you can even set the location of the video in which it should be saved. Once selected, click on the download button. If you wish to cancel the downloading at any time, then you can pause/cancel the download.

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