Hostel Definition


A hostel is a place where people, especially young people, can stay cheaply for short periods when they are studying, with shared rooms and sometimes some private rooms.

Honestly, that’s the dictionary meaning.

Frankly speaking,

Hostel is,

A Home out of your Home!

Where one gets, A family, out of his family!


Scared!? Getting into one, because it’s your first time?


Remember you were crying out loud when you were getting born?


So you do, at your first few hostel days,

But how are you enjoying your birth now?


It’s like a roller coaster ride, isn’t it?

With so much thrill and adventures!

Exactly this happens at your Hostel!

Now, you aren’t that scared!



Well, relax!

A Hostel is a Hostel for a newbie but after he gets his company, Hostel becomes his favorite temporary residence!



It’s a place where an introvert becomes extrovert.


A place where a kid grows up

Like really grows up!

He becomes more responsible, learns to save, becomes more careful, independent and what not!


Well, everything has its pros and cons, so does a Hostel!!

Let’s get a tour of your hostel by answering some questions!


  1. Which is better, Hostel life or Homelife?



It honestly depends on the person with his interest and capabilities.


Let’s get through some pros and cons of the Hostel’s life!


  • It can have your privacy.
  • I can have an infinite amount of friends and never get bored.
  • Get to know the value of small things in life.
  • Given celeb like treatment after you return home!
  • Manage everything by yourself, making you responsible than before.


  • Have to compromise with almost everything, especially food!
  • Miss your family, quite often.
  • there will be no one to take vigil on you, resulting, you become careless towards your lifestyle.
  • there will be only you with yourself, precisely speaking, making you overburdened sometimes.


Now, it’s time to get through some pros and cons of Homelife!


  • Pros: Life is a cakewalk here, you need not worry about anything, be it food, comfort, resources!


  • Cons: Strict parents cause havoc to freebies, snatching their privacy, freedom, etc
  • Cons: Your lifestyle is not completely your choice here, parents involvement is utmost.


So!..? Got the difference?

Some of you might have gone for Hostel!


Let’s get further with more questions.



Q.What is the best thing about being a Hostler?


  • Independence
  • Sleepover everyday
  • Gossip is heard first hand
  • Group studying
  • your family expresses its love more
  • shortage of materialistic things, borrow your friend’s!
  • 24×7 help
  • Get to eat Maggi, almost daily, yay!
  • Start respecting Homemade food!
  • Can be a night owl or morning bird, it’s your choice
  • You are the Master of your Life!



I know you’re!

Let’s hop on to the next question.


  1. What are the best tips to live in a Hostel?


  1. Make a lot many friends as soon as you join the Hostel, meet new people, and try and develop interactions.
  2. Save your money and use it unhurriedly.
  3. Make efficient use of time, learn new things, develop hobbies, above all, read.
  4. Do not take your academics for granted, you’re kept at a Hostel to study, also, you’re not born with a silver spoon, Hence the struggle has to be real.
  5. Act like your parents are watching!
  6. Have fun, but, know your Limits.
  7. Be in regular touch with your guardians.
  8. In Nutshell, don’t exploit your freedom and independence, your parents have some hope, don’t let them down.



Okay, so this was it!

To surmise,

Fun is the second name of the Hostel.

Above all,

Keep in mind,

A Hostel is temporary, but THE FAMILY is permanent.


Take care!





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