All in the family

Hey family!

Are you all safe at home?

I guess everyone is! But are you happy?

Everyone is busy with their work, studies, virtual friends.

As a result, we forget to give time to our family..!


Isn’t it?

I know you want to share things with your mom, you want to talk to your father about bullies out there in your school, but you aren’t

able to open up due to some difficulty.

You know what? I’ve also faced such problems due to which I went far from my family. Then I realized something that I give too much time,

to my virtual friends.

I know friendship is essential but is it more important than family?

And, no one is real these days you’ve experienced this yourself. The only real ones are your parents, and yes, some real friends.

So, to make things easy for you, here are some tricks

which you should consider if you want to feel connected.

So, let’s get started.


  • Digital Worm!

family relationship

So, are you way too digital?

Are you spending too much time on smartphones?

If yes, then you should control this!

Don’t spend too much time on your smartphone.

Just sit with your parents and do talking, crack lame jokes, laugh, and you will feel excellent. 

Trust me! It works.


  • Busy, Papa?

family relationships

I know it will be a little bit awkward, but believe me, it’s the best option.

Whenever you see your father, go and ask, “Busy, Papa?”

80% chance is that he will say “No, I am not busy; what’s up?”

In that case, sit and talk to him about your life, he’ll love to listen to you.

And in case he says, “Yes, I am busy; you can talk to me later.”

Most importantly, you’ll get your appointment, right!?

Just go and try it!


  • Lots of assignments?

family relationships

A diverse group of preschoolers in a classroom

It is evident; we have lots of homework, assignments to do therefore we don’t get enough time for family.

In this scenario, you should ask your brother or sister to help.

After all, they are also part of the family, aren’t they!? 

After you do your assignments, sit together and enjoy your time.


  • They wouldn’t get it!

family relationships

If you think your parents wouldn’t understand you, then you’re wrong, my friend!

They know you since your childhood.

Parents know what you wanted no matter if you asked for it or didn’t.

They understand your sentiments better than your girlfriend, boyfriend, close friends.

All you need to do is to communicate. Communication is the key.


So, communicate and be an active member of your family!

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