Difference between Java and Javascript

Java and Javascript are as much similar to grape and grapefruit.

It has always been confusion between two words Java and Javascript isn’t it?

Hence we will set up a context on a detailed basis to let you understand easily.

We’ll differentiate between Java and Javascript on each factor keeping every perspective for any language in mind.

let’s dive down in java vs javascript

Now relax! and accompany.


Purpose refers to the objective of a language.


This is a flexible programming language made to create web applications and platforms which is allowing developers to code a program that can run on any machine.

In addition, java also supports WORA(write once, run anywhere).


This programming language was made for easier web development.

Moreover, creating responsive and interactive web pages.

Also improvising user experience.



We can judge the suitability of any programming language on factors that-

On no. of platforms, it can run. (platform dependency)

And also appropriate features.


While talking about platforms java supports WORA as stated above.

Plateform Independent

Also, the appropriate features we are providing for your ease.

  • Object-oriented
  • Platform independent
  • Simple and secure
  • Architecture-neutral
  • Portable
  • Robust
  • Multithreaded
  • Interpreted
  • High performance
  • Distributed
  • Dynamic


It is also a platform-independent language.

Again here are the appropriate features of javascript.

  • Validating the user’s input
  • Simple client-side calculations
  • Greater control
  • Platform independent
  • Handling dates and time
  • Generating HTML content
  •  Detecting the user’s browser and OS
  • Default parameters
  • Properly shorthand


Availability of IDE

IDE is nothing but Integrated Development Environment which is an environment or platform that provides for a language to compile and run a program in one place.

For both the languages java and javascript multiple IDEs are available in the market.


************Have you understood something?

Java and javascript are not similar rather than just being synonymous with each other.

Still seems you are not pretty clear with the thoughts

No worries! Be with me till last and I promise to make it clear for you.

So, let’s move further.   *******************


Performance and Efficiency

In the case of talking about performance and efficiency, I always prefer the language which can develop and execute any program rapidly.

Moreover, always choose a language which requires less space for the storage of a program.


Since programs in java run on JVM(java virtual machine) rather than running on a computer processor directly as native code.

Hence, the performance of java is considered slower.


The thing is that you will hardly care about the performance speed in javascript because you have not to do something like executing a program.

However, the place where you will need it is while facing the big datasets and that will be a negligible change.


Error checking and Diagnosis

A programmer must choose a programming language, which contains efficient error handling features.


JAVA provides an efficient error handling mechanism of try/catch block.


Javascript uses the mechanism of try to catch throw if an error occurs.

In other words, it stops and displays a message box when an error occurs.


Therefore, we differentiated both the language at each and every important aspect for you.

I hope now your doubt is cleared! no?

Again, if you are thinking to compare java vs javascript then let me tell you the objective of both the language is different so choose accordingly.

If you wanna use it for something like android app development choose java.

Similarly, if you use it for making your webpage interactive choose javascript.

Actually it’s simple!




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