Creating an Instagram account



A list of programs compiled in a body where the user gets access to a free online platform for the purpose of sharing various media to the anonymously expanding.

Uggghh!!! Wasn’t it too boring! Would you like to use it?

Just a no, because you heard such a mind-bending and too much technical gross lines for such a wonderful and awesome global trending media influencing platform INSTAGRAM.


Well to make it easy- Instagram popularly called ‘Insta’ is a platform overpowering Facebook WhatsApp and many such legends on the online world where you share your moments with the world out there.

Well if now your notorious brain is developing a strong interest in this funky yet lovely app let me help you in knowing how to create an account.

All you need is-

  • A Gmail Account. (if you love your privacy a lot then a mobile number).

  • Phone or PC

  • And merely the time it takes you to just open PUBG.


Now how to make it.

  • Download the app from the official website of Instagram (on pc) or from the Google play store/ App store.
  • Open up the app and use either of the options to sign in using your email or your mobile number.
  • Choose a username for the people to find hoping you won’t wander around looking out anywhere.
  • Finally it’s time to show up, wash your face apply the glowing cream, comb your hair, and click a profile picture of yours for your account.
  • Oops! I didn’t know you don’t want your face well, you can also select your profile pic from the gallery.

Now go and explore the never-ending world of Instagram and now you are an INSTAGRAM.

Here is a Bonus Trick: If you are previously a social media addict you can also sign in using your FACEBOOK account to keep the connect people in contact.


Go and explore

if you are lucky enough we are definitely gonna meet somehow and yes, I don’t hesitate to take the credit for starting your INSTA journey.


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