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Laugh at silly things, make great memories, wake up every day and feel the magic.

When life shuts the door

Take your time

Do your makeover

Open the door again

And start again

I have full faith and belief in universe and I know it will protect me from whatever there is to come.

Another day, another look. Lets do this!!!

Strong Mind, Brave heart, Fierce soul. That’s make the Unstoppable and Unapologetic – The Women

Life is too short to cry over something, make your each day Blissful and Happy.

There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.

Cake is always a good idea to create any memory in your life.

Be someone who you wants to be , not others who want you to become.

Laugh, cry, fly , fail. But never stop

For every memory that carries emotions, there are lessons to be learned and wisdom to be gained.

Let the old things go and new things flow.

To experience true love with another, you first have to fall in love with yourself

As your love for yourself radiates, the right person will meet all of you, not just a part of you.

Relationships aren’t always easy, but they’re strongest when you both are willing to support and learn from each other through good times and bad.

It’s important to invest in yourself before investing your heart into another.

Sometimes losing everything that feels safe and familiar can be one of life’s greatest gifts.

We continue to seeks everyone else approval instead of

Inner peace is more important than anything else in the world.

Create your own happiness , be happy in little things.

Be savage, not nasty.

Life is so kind to everyone, you just need to observe.

Patience makes you a better person.

Even when her heart is shot full of holes

She keeps a bulletproof smile on her face.

You are the shore and I am the waves that somehow always end up coming back to you!

Each new day is new beginning.

Imagine yourself living the life you want…see it…smell it …feel it.

Allow yourself the space to relax, with each emotion feel it, with each thought flow with it.

Love yourself enough, that you don’t need anyone to love you.

No one is able to feel the exact emotions that you feel, even when they say they feel them too.

There are many things in life that you can try to run away from, but one can never run away from themselves.

Try to change your own patterns instead of changings others.

Life tends to presents lots of challenges because a large part of your experience if to be here to grow.

Ask yourself once, ‘How are you?’.

Be little crazy, be little happy.

Every challenge in front of you helps you to define your own perspective on things.

Each person’s journey towards self-love is entirely unique to them.

Feel your emotions, understand yourself more.

Finding love for who you were in the past is the key to understand, how to love yourself in the present.

Every challenge helps to understand the unique lesson of life.

Enjoy the present, feel it , and leave the past.

Be grateful for whatever you have in your life

The process of learning to love yourself deeply includes facing any feelings of why you feel you shouldn’t be loved.

A miracle is on its way !

Love your life more when it gets harder, it means something better is coming!

Let is go and know something better is coming for you.

Believe something better is coming for you.

Fear will create a void, shortage and resistance to what you want.

Fear is aggregate of what we think, say, do and believe.

Move your wounds into healings.

Fix your problems, fix your fears and start again.

Just shine, Just sing, just be happy!

The universe is not in a hurry, you are.

Who flows as universe flows, knows they need no other force.

Everything will be happen for you all of the sudden and you will be grateful you didn’t give up.

Make every moment radiant and beautiful for you.

Live your life without any limitations of happiness.

Never let your dreams die due to the fear of outside world.

Be like butterfly. Be colorful.

Life is beautiful journey , where you the driver of your own.

Be like water clear, crystal and flowing.

Change your vision, situations will automatically change.

Enjoy the rain, feel the rain, it will make your soul feel happy.

When communications break down in a relationship, you are no longer growing together.

Living without emotions can be frustrating, but it would be much more frustrating to live a life without them.

When you become the love of your own life, your happiness is no longer radiant on others.

When two people allow themselves to become emotionally vulnerable together, each individual truly meets the other.

Change can be painful, but staying in a place where your growth is limited can even be more painful.

The goal should never be to ignore your emotions, rather to take them with you on your journey and recognize their intrinsic value to you.

Losing something makes you realize what you actually deserve.

Many strive for perfections, but it never what it seems. The concept is completely subjective, unique to each person, and changes over time.

If you were able to feel all your emotions, process them and understand why they are occurring, imagine how that would that impact the quality of your life.

Relationship aren’t always easy, but they are strongest when both people are willing to support and learn from each other through the good and bad times.

Life tends to presents a lot of challenge, because a large part of your experience to be grow.

True power isn’t turning others into a version of you but assisting them to be the best version of themselves.

You have never been able to control how individuals have come into your life, but you can begin to understand that it has never been without purpose.

The difficult times in your life can become easier when you develop a relationship with all of your emotions.

Many spend their life feelings like their voice is not being heard, it’s important to start to listen your own voice first.

Love yourself first, understand yourself and cherish yourself.

Love yourself first, the world would be truly ready to listen.

You wouldn’t like if someone you care about lied to you about how they are feeling, so why would you do it to yourself.

Enjoy your own company, spend time with yourself.

Many find it easier to spend their free time with others instead of spending time with themselves.

Spend time with yourself, be your own friend.

It is impossible that you listen to your own internal guidance of what feels right for you.

Instead of listening what is right for you, choose what is right for you.

You may not be able to control the emotions you experience in life nut building a relationship with them will always help you to learn and grow.

When you make a decision because it feels right, not because of how it looks to others.

It’s next to impossible to deal with your fear of something if you are fearful of the idea of feeling that fear.

How you deal with any challenges that are yet to come will be based entirely upon the many things you have learned, or not learned, from the past.

Trust yourself even in the difficult time.

Accept yourself even in the difficult time.

Whatever you are trying to or not, when you become aware of your own life patterns you inevitably begin the process of dissolving them.

Sometimes your biggest struggles in life bring you towards your biggest purpose in life.

Wake up and do a favour upon yourself- I will be my own priority today.

We live in the world where many people don’t understand their emotions because they have never been given the support to openly feel or understand them.

Love yourself more, never doubt yourself from doing things.

Feel the positive , feel happy.

Something better is coming your way, trust the process.

Something better is coming your way, trust youself.

Real beauty is loving yourself.

You’re the only one, who knows your real potential.

She knew the rain could only fall for so long, but sun will eventually come.

No past can outlast your future.

She thought the best while dealing with the worst.

Believing her life meant more then her current circumstances.

What she feel , she said it aloud

What hurt her most, she would not keep inside.

She never let the sadness win her.

She couldn’t find a way out, yet she know she is better than her past.

She wouldn’t give up, she wouldn’t lose again.

She was hurt for the last time. Love, no longer in her mind.

Whatever she needed, she would find.

Whatever she wanted to go , she went.

She wasn’t alone, she just didn’t need anyone else.

You was and is an amazing and beautiful soul.

You wouldn’t know from her smile, you couldn’t imagine she is been going through.

Never regret your choice, never look back.

Give yourself time, work on yourself and move on.

No need in looking back.

She didn’t believe, she was worthless.

Fate and fortune born with time.

She knew fate and fortune, born with time.

She left and came back, she knew no matter where she went, she would have to face her past.

The time we can never be mapped out.

Live as if today is your last day.

Your past cannot control your future.

What would you do if you have one last day?

She awoke. She couldn’t sleep walk anymore.

Awake and alive.

She couldn’t trust love, she had been through too much pain.

Be smart. Piece together your broken heart.

Break all your sufferings and negative thoughts.

Break the mirror and is shattered

You are more than reflection. You are more.

Everything is yours the moon, the stars, the sea.

Give yourself love, happiness and laughter.

When you finally appreciate yourself, go deeper, so in love.

She walk with potential.

Fenced thoughts in her feelings.

Bring yourself back and love yourself more.

Love yourself so much, before it all ended.

He never doubt his ability.

He only doubt the stability of life.

Knock the door of your heart and be crazy.

People come and go, problem is that you thought you never deal with it.

In end you have to make through it.

Problem is you never trust yourself, that you can deal with it.

Release the heartbeat and find the peace.

Never did she believe she would be held captive by her thoughts.

He offered a few words and then move on.

The love now gone.

His sinister soul paid a toll for love.

Open the window, feel the wind.

Don’t let the doubt defeat yourself.

Walk away from the situations which never treats you well.

Hoping it would say enough.

Hoping whoever found it would know, that there is more for life to show.

Came with the lessons, you had learned.

Believe what seems neat and right.

No problem could make you stop.

She would not give up.

She would pass on the cup of persistence.

When you said forever.

Somehow I believed it.

Evolutions often means nourishing certain parts of yourself and reducing other parts.

We all go through phases, just like moon.

Happiness is always reachable.

I am not a toy to be fix, I am weapon.

Be so busy in improving yourself.

You don’t have time to pay attention to anything or anyone that distracts you from your growth.

You’ve cut yourself open too many times, waiting for a love to make a home in you.

Slowly and eventually. You will heal and smile.

The self- why don’t you love yourself?

Don’t hold on to relationship and friendship just because of memories.

Let them go, if they don’t want act right.

Leave the situation that won’t treat you right.

One day you will wake up and realize that isn’t what you want to feel like anymore and you will be done.

Let it go. Don’t hold grudge.

A mistake is just that we live and dream on slippery slopes.

You are pretty like flowers, and attractive like Christmas light.

Rage on, my love, range on.

You are thinking is the only storm, which creates problems.

Kindness is the simple way to be loved by someone.

You’ve always been amazing.

You’ve just been waiting for the wrong people to validate it.

You can make someone love you but you can’t make them choose you.

Look happier, it’s the best compliment for yourself.

Stop fighting for someone who was ok with losing you.

Don’t tell anybody what you are doing until its done.

Something is coming to you that will change your life in positive way.

Something you’ve prayed for is about to arrive suddenly.

God says, you will be okay.

Stop crying, you are healing and struggle is over.

God knows, who belongs in your life and who don’t.

Trust and let go.

Whoever is meant to be there, will still be there.

God has a beautiful plan, and it’s good.

Abundance is your birth right and you are in the flow.

Keep believing. Your life is changing for better

Stay positive. Stay fighting. Stay ambitious.

Stay brave. Stay focused. Stay strong.

Blessing are coming on the way.

The love you want is coming.

You deserve happiness.

Its hard to let go when you still have hopes.

You are my favorite feeling.

We are in love once.

Strangers now.

Leave when a promise turns into a story.

Stop expecting honesty from fake people.

Say before it’s too late

Sometimes I smile to hide everything for a little while.

If you matter to someone, they will find ways to make it work.

We are strongest in our most difficult times.

Learn to appreciate what you have. Be grateful.

It’s actually so sweet when someone stays up late just to talk to you.

Love will never ask, you surrender, your self-respect.

You will lose people learn to be okay with it.

Stop being mean to yourself yo are trying your best.

Our memories hurt me more than you did.

No one knows what you feel inside.

I never stopped caring but I started respecting myself.

Teach me how did you un love me.

Stop trying so hard that don’t care.

With or without them, you are still you.

Want your attention but want to bother you.

You don’t have to perfect to be loved

Some wars you have to fight alone.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand harder to leave.

Focus on improving, not on impressing.

Have faith what tomorrow can do.

What is yours will definitely come to you.

Save your feeling for someone who deserve it.

Sometimes healing hurts, more than wounds.

It’s never too late to start again. To have a faith.

We talked again

Exactly like strangers do

Let them go and see who really stays.

Bad days happens.

You don’t have to punish yourself.

Peace is costly but it worth the expense.

Focus on what matters.

Forget those who leave you.

Be at peace with a broken pieces.

Love yourself more at the darkest.

Your imperfections make you unique.

Don’t believe in words if voice don’t match with them.

Trust the timing things happens for a reason.

People with a young heart and an old soul love the deepest.

Though you are not okay, but still smile everyday.

People do come back though some only come in the form of memory.

Life is so beautiful, enjoy the each little moment of it.

Forever is an illusion.

Beautiful things take time. Believe the process.

Be proud of what you are becoming.

You deserve someone who is utterly obsessed with you.

Focus on your goals, glow and grind.

Don’t treat yourself as a option. Make yourself a priority.

Nobody goes through more shit in life than a person with good heart.

Be lady with a mind.

Today is beautiful day, make it worth living.

A new day, new beginning and new hopes.

Everything is possible with beautiful dress and winged eyeliner.

Put a smile. Get cute and that is what you need.

Surround yourself with people who see your value and reminds you of it.

Sometimes I wish pokemons to be real.

I always wanted to create an art that explain my feelings.

Be raw. Be open. Be fucking real

Invisibility is a super power.

Hustle until lamp light your study becomes the spotlight on stage.

Be nice until it’s time to stop, then fucking destroy them.

Life took away everything and then realized you are alone was enough.

The scariest thing about killing people is getting used to them.

When you do the right thing, even when no one is looking is called as integrity.

Be kind, always. Everyone you meet is fighting some battle alone.

If your ambition demands you to walk through hell, walk like you own the hell.

Giving up can never be an option.

You teach people how to treat you by deciding what you will and won’t accept.

I don’t care how beautiful you are if your personality is ugly then you are ugly.

Some people dream of great accomplishments while some make them true.

The universe isolates you so that you can find you souls purpose.

Where your soul, there you will find the treasure.

I automatically stop trying when I feel ignored.

No matter how great talent or efforts are, some things just take time.

Private people know how to post on social media all the day and still live a life you don’t know anything about.

Having emotions that makes you weak, I appreciates those who spill their soul.

Once you let darkness inside there is no way out.

Regret is stronger than gratitude.

Opportunity won’t come again so don’t fucking ruin up.

Nobody coming to save you, so get up.

Be bright. Keep shinning.

Some people are going to reject you because you shine too bright for them.

Sacrifice comes before success even in dictionary.

To be successful at anything, you have to be consistent.

Broken soul, don’t let the pain turn cold.

Walking into the very things that scare you is how you reclaim your forgetten power.

Understanding is deeper than information.

Real growth is when you start checking and correcting yourself.

Take your power back, and be responsible.

I survived because fire inside me burned brighter than fire around me

You cannot explore things, if you don’t come out from your comfort zone.

When respect comes before love, every love story becomes a perfect love story.

We are partners. If you are witch then I am your warlock.

A real king is the one who can turn pain into power when needed.

Maybe wolf is in love with the moon.

Happiness is sitting inside your lamborhghini and laughing and thinking about the person, who once rejected you.

I like the scars because I like the stories they tell.

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