BMI Calculation

Know you are Fit or Not

HELLO FRIENDS! Here we’ll see how to calculate BMI.

So as we all know that nowadays people are becoming more health-conscious.

Are you also pretty conscious about your health?

But is there something you don’t know?

Yes, my dear, it’s about your BMI!

So do you want to know about your health status?

Let’s see about it!


BMI stands for Body Mass Index.

It is the ratio of weight and height of an individual.


However it the basic thing determining your health status.

So now you’ll be thinking that why should we calculate it?

So let’s see the applicability of Body Mass Index.


USES of Body Mass Index

  • To check the health status
  • Amount of fat in the body
  • Appropriate height
  • To determine underweight, obese or overweight


How To Calculate?

There are some steps to calculate Body Mass Index

  1. Firstly measure your weight in kg (kilogram).
  2. Also, measure your height (in meters).
  3. Then do the square of your height.


FORMULA – (BODY MASS INDEX) = WEIGHT (in kg)/ HEIGHT ( in meter square)

FOR INSTANCE– Your height is 5 meters, then the square of your height will be 5×5= 25 meters.

Hence by this formula, one can easily calculate his/her BMI.


So now how do you know your Body Mass Index is accurate or you are healthy?


Let’s see the interpretations of BMI for an INDIAN.

  1. BMI if below 18.5 is deemed to be underweight.
  2. Between 18.5-22.9 is considered normal weight.
  3. From 23.0-24.9 is overweight.
  4. More than or equal to 25 is listed as obese.


Now the question arises!


Is Body Mass Index of ever individual remains the same?

  • BMI varies according to the body shape and structure of an individual.
  • People living in other continents will have different ranges of Body Mass Index.
  • In addition, the Body Mass Index also indicates some disease conditions.

FOR INSTANCE– A person from diabetes or hypertension has a Body Mass Index more than the normal range.


While an underweight person has lower BMI.

So this is all about Body Mass Index.

Now follow the steps and start calculating your as well as your well-wishers’ BMI!

Check your health status!

And lead a healthy life!








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