Best Beaches in Florida

So here we’ll let you know the best beaches in Florida!

Hello everyone,

are you all safe at home?

I hope so!

Currently the whole world is in Lockdown therefore we all are stuck at home.


So, to make you cheerful,

I’ve got a list of beaches in Florida you should visit after this pandemic ends.

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Florida, ‘ The Sunshine State’ 


It’s the most south-eastern US state, with Atlantic on one and Gulf of Mexico on the other side as a result this place is a perfect treat for beach lovers.

I’m sure you love beaches.

That’s why you came here. Isn’t it?


So here are few famous beaches of Florida :

Siesta Key

best beaches in florida

A perfect spot for a family vacation.

This beach is situated in the central-western coast of Florida.

If you want a romantic spot, then just pay a few pennies for a perfect candlelight dinner.

In addition to a perfect night view of the beach.



best beaches in florida

Southern Florida locates this beach which is on the Gulf of Mexico.

A perfect spot for fishing, collecting shells along with the best restaurants with beautiful scenic views.

I am sure you’ll love it.


South Beach

best beaches in florida

Luxurious people tie your belts!

This beach is a wonderful site if you want to live a luxury life on a beach.

It is located in Miami.

It offers luxurious boutique hotels, never closing international playgrounds, and what not!

That’s awesome and exciting too.


Clearwater Beach

best beaches in florida

This beach is situated on the gulf coast.

A perfect place for love birds to walk together along with the white bands in the sunset.

And yes don’t miss seeing the Dolphin Tale.

That’s the most beautiful thing you prefer here.


                                    Not influenced yet?


                                  Just roll down with me further.

                                 I promise to help you select the best.


Miramar Beach

best beaches in florida


Wanna peace?

You should visit this beach.

South Walton is the location of this beach.

A perfect place to just sit and chill watching waves of the sea during the day.

Also, it has antique shopping stores which are just amazing!


Cocoa Beach

best beaches in florida

Do you like waves?

Of course, you do! Everyone does.

So this beach is famous for its long waves and some tasty food! (best seafood)

You can do surfing as well.


Vero Beach

Best Beaches In Florida

Wanna prefer family vacation?


This is for you.

 For a pure family-friendly environment this is the best option you’ve got.

It is famous for its parks, playgrounds.

Vero Beach is the best place to relax by surfing.


                                               Okay fine!

                                               I’ve told you the best possible options.

                                               So what are you waiting for?

                                               Start making plans.

                                               Oho!still here?

                                              Just go!

                                              Go and chillax.


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